GRUNDFOS is a Danish pump manufacturer developing water solutions for the world. Grundfos sets the standards in innovation, efficiency, reliability and sustainability when it comes to pumps and fluid handling solutions.


From making the best quality submersible pumps, Grundfos has grown into creating higher cooling efficiency and control, better heating systems and intelligent water treatment solutions which optimize efficiency and saves energy. The Grundfos edge is to offer the most effective pumps and fluid engineering solutions with the least energy cost.

DEEPEE Industrials Limited is Grundfos choice distributor in Nigeria and offers full-service options for supply and support of Grundfos pump systems. See details of all service options in the brochure below.




Submersible pumps, Centrifugal pumps, Chemical dosing pumps, Reverse osmosis pumps, Sewage/waste water pumps, Fire pumps and Solar pumps (SQ flex).


Water and fluid engineering solutions

How to Request a Pump

Certain factors are considered when choosing a pump. The most basic of these  considerations are the application, flow rate and the head of the pump. The application helps to identify whether the pump will be used for heating, air conditioning, pressure boosting, ground water supply, domestic water supply and rain water, waste water, industry, dosing and disinfection, and solar solutions.


Should these details be too technical for you to handle, our Site Engineers will offer you a free evaluation if you would click on the link below.